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Recension av Välkommen till Växjö, Braindead Zine

FEMTEKOLONNARE "Välkommen till Växjö" Cassette Tape/"Valguiden"/"In Vino Veritas" Demo CDR's
Release date: 2012

Review: Sporting a name that translates to Fifth Columnist, this band from Växjö, Sweden is a frantic whirwind of blistering, fast hardcore/punk, with some very expeditious drumming that'll blast you on the spot with grindcore speeds or d-beat you to crusty death... Femtekolonnare just cuts to the chase! Guitar playing is fast, abrasive and raw, but totally in control with some awesome rock n' roll twists at times... Regarding the vocals, this is very nasal, high screaming kind of stuff, (sometimes almost reaching Seth Putnam's levels of obnoxious intensity!) actually it sounds like two screaming dudes answering each other but both vocal registers stay in a similar range (except maybe for some gang backing vocals and such). This is one's actually a really good companion band to Massgrav, displaying the same raging, speed-crazed shredding masterfulness. The type of hysterical, non-stop grinding fury that just puts me in a good mood! From what I could gather and translate lyrically this seems pretty cynical and nasty as it should...
I'm basing this review on 3 releases. The cassette tape which seems to be the most recent release and features 7 tracks + 2 previous demos... All of them are really short but really sweet.
"Välkommen till Växjö" -Track List: A: 1)Och bilen går bra 2)Öjaby - Växjös rövhål 3)Varför vaska champagne 4)Spela snabbare
B: 1)Man kan verkligen lita på att folk ställer upp 2)Alla skrattar åt snuten 3)Ett jävla daltande
"In Vino Veritas" Track List:1)Det Som En Gang Var (0:11) 2)Karl XII (0:36) 3)Ledmotiv For Arbetsliv (0:48) 4)Fina Texter (0:29)
5)Grevar Och Baroner (0:49) 6)Jkpg Hardcore (1:09) 7)En Naziist Med En Drom (0:44) 8)Ta En Folkol Och Var Som Folk (0:36) 9)Privatisera Mera! (1:08) 10)EU-Evig Underkastelese (0:21) 11)Hippiesvin (0:51) 12)Hata Alla Borgarsvin (0:13) 13)Skicka Dem Till Gulag (1:04) 14)Fred, Karlek Och Javla Dumheter (0:54) 15)Intellekktuella Eliten (0:39) 16)Sangen Om Stallin (Knutna Navar Cover) (0:35)


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